The Gospel Truth

The Gospel Truth: A Lectionary-Based Catechism for Adults


This book is intended as a good step in a good direction. The step is a blending of lectionary-oriented catechesis with the doctrinal thoroughness needed to be found in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Both seem to be intimated by the National Directory for Catechesis.

The Gospel Truth, then, is written to be in conformity with the Catechism. It was submitted for the thorough and helpful conformity review.

The approach of The Gospel Truth is intentionally simple. It is meant to help facilitate a basic reflection on the Sunday gospel readings and various points of Catholic doctrine that they call to mind. Depth and detail can certainly be added by skillful RCIA ministers and others involved in adult faith formation.

Parents as Primary Educators

Parents play a crucial role in the formation of their children, and hence the shaping of entire societies and cultures. While not exclusively for parents, this book is written with them in mind.

Most adults have significant children in their lives, even if they are not parents per se. Each weekly installment of The Gospel Truth encourages adults to appropriate their faith at deeper and deeper levels, and to share that faith with at least one child.

How to Use The Gospel Truth

This resource can be used individually, within a family or in a larger group.

One key to using the book is to set aside just a quiet moment or two at some point during the week.

Offer a brief prayer for enlightenment, ongoing conversion and a deeper faith.

Read the gospel passage at the beginning of each installment. Read it twice if you’d like.

Then look at the two brief catechetical reflections following each gospel reading—pausing between them to meditate on their truth as you see fit.

Consider the three questions that follow—the first for yourself, the last regarding your relationship to your various communities. The middle question, For a Child in My Life, is written such that it could be posed to a young person on the way to or from Mass or at another opportune moment.

Additional readings are suggested for further life application and deeper understanding. Group discussion of the questions above can also be most fruitful.

Finally, the Alleluia verse for that week draws your time to a fittingly prayerful close. An additional prayer of your own would of course be very appropriate

Eventually, the basic pattern of The Gospel Truth could be adapted in catechetical resources for all age levels. Also, enhanced content or alternate arrangement of the doctrinal points may be worth considering in the future. For now, again, this book is meant to be a good step in a good direction. May our Good Shepherd, Jesus, guide your use of this resource so that your relationship with Him and participation in His Church will be deepened to your benefit and that of all the communities blessed by your presence.

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